G-Luxo Business Cards

How it works

  • 1 - Gather your cards' content.

    We will custom design your cards, from the ground up. The content is entirely up to you.

    Make a list of what you want: style, colors, name, address, contact info, profession, etc. Have an idea? Write it down. Do you have a logotype, photos? Collect them for submission.

    Hint: Include essentials, keep it simple. It's a business card.

  • 2 - Send your content.

    With your content at hand, go to our store. Select the quantity of cards, then carefully provide the info you gathered, using our easy to use personalization form. Once done, double check everything.

    Ready? Press the Buy Now button, which will bring you to Checkout.

  • 3 - Order your G-Luxo cards.

    At the checkout, provide your billing details and delivery address, choose your payment method, review your order and submit.
    Within three (3) business days you will receive a design approval request. Once the design is approved by you, we will print and ship the cards within five (5) business days.

    When cards arrive, give them away. Make your business thrive.

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How it works





Introducing G-LUXO business cards.

Awesome Design + Unique Stock = BAM.

G-Luxo cards. Expertly designed for you, printed on impressively beautiful stock.

from $148 (cards included*).

G-LUXO logo

G-LUXO cards: unique design printed on 24pt stock.

Get awesome cards custom designed to reflect your business. Printed on thick 24pt silky textured stock, your card exhibits one distinctive middle green layer.

Enjoy high quality, full color offset printing on both matte sides. Better yet, for a limited time, you get one business card custom design (list price starting at $160) included with no additional charge.

These are some designs created for our clients.
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Michelle Tricca

I love my G-Luxo business cards! The paper thickness and sharp printing exudes quality. I needed a card that spoke what I provide in my business.
This is the perfect fit.

Michelle Tricca

Sonja Sheasley

Did I tell you that at least two people complimented me on my thicker business cards at the United Nations meeting I went to recently? One lady said they are "memorable"! They truly are.

Sonja Sheasley

Cesar Alsina

I carry my cards everywhere. Do you want to impress? Let me design your cards and print them on this stock. These are the ultimate business cards.

César Alsina

Biz Cards: A story.

You want to be proud of your business cards. They are a special kind of invention, and I want you to have one customized to perfection.

For centuries, people like you and me have used small cards for many different purposes. Legend says that it all started during the 15th century in China. They had very elaborate Visiting Cards, with beautiful color drawings and writing, used by the opulent class to announce their visits.

Later, France got into the trend and the carte d'adresse reigned from the 1600s for two centuries. By the early 1800s, people in England and North America were using the first version of cards that announced and promoted places and businesses. By the 20th century, you wouldn't be caught without your business card.

Today, business cards are as powerful as ever as marketing tools. G-LUXO cards can give you that distinctive punch to leap ahead.

We are celebrating the launch of the new G-LUXO cards, and feeling generous as we are, we are offering for a limited time, 240 G-Luxo cards at $148.00, custom designed for you. Order your business cards here →

Frequent Answers

  • - Where do I buy the G-Luxo business cards?

    Go to the store. Click here →
  • - Can I get G-Luxo sample cards?

    Yes! Order a set of pre-printed cards at the Sample Page →
  • - May I order different amounts of cards?

    Sure! Please, choose your preferred amount from the quantity selector at the G-LUXO store →. Currently we produce boxes with 240, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 cards, all printed on silky matte finish 24pt stock, full color both sides.
  • - I have a good idea for my card.

    Once you go to the store's G-Luxo 24pt order page, you will be able to state your ideas and preferences, as well as sending files, such as your logo and photos, if you want.
    If you want to have a conference call to discuss your project with the designer, you can add that service to your order for an additional fee.
  • - Can you put my logo(s) in the card's design?

    Of course! When ordering, you will see instructions to either upload or send your logo(s). Be sure that you have an original file in any of the following standard file formats: PDF, EPS, AI or SVG.
  • - I do not have a logo or logotype. I need a logo.

    We have designed successful identities for companies, created fantastic marks, logos and logotypes for dozens of clients. We will design a logo for you, based on your needs and budget.

    Contact the designer directly at alsina@graphicbiz.biz. Take a peek to some of the logos created at GraphicBiz Branding →
  • - How long until I get my cards?

    Once you order, the creative process may take up to a week, depending entirely on our work load. After you approve the design, cards will be printed and shipped within 3 to 7 business days.
  • - Can I use my own design instead of yours to print the cards?

    Of course. Order at G-Luxo 24pt (Upload Your Own Design)

    Be sure your art is done by a professional who provides you with the following:
    - Size: A 0.1" bleed must be added to the US Standard size—3.5" x 2.0"—of your card, for a total size of 3.6" x 2.1".
    - Resolution: 350 dpi, equals to 1,260 x 735 pixels.
    - You can upload your final art before the checkout using the provided forms at the product page.
  • - Can I die-cut or have round corners on my cards?

    No die-cuts available. We only do straight corners at this time.
  • - I have another question!
    I am preparing a dedicated page with many answers. It will be up soon. In the meantime, use this support form →

Contact support

Please, detail your message. I will reply to you as soon as possible. I will also include my phone number on my reply.

Alternatively, send me an email at g-luxo@graphicbiz.biz

Hand them out.

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